Harry van Goor

Harry van Goor, MD, PhD, FRCS is a Professor of Surgical Education and Innovator at the Radboud university medical center. He chairs the collaborative research theme ‘Reconstructive and Regenerative Medicine’. Harry has published over 300 peer-reviewed papers in a broad field of surgical care, medical device development and digital technology supported care innovation. He is leading several technology tracks in the ‘less bricks, more bytes, different behaviour’ programme to improve care and wellbeing of patients, and healthcare workers in- and outside the hospital, including intuitive personalised wayfinding, continuous monitoring with wearable devices and predictive analytics, VRx and VR education and personalised healing environments in the hospital and at home. He chairs a large EC funded private-public programme named R4Heal, that develops and validates an integrated healing system for hospital patient rooms. Harry van Goor coaches several start-ups companies in the field of digital technology supported healthcare and design.