Davide Ruzzon

Davide is an architect who graduated from the Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV) in Venice. He is director of TUNED, a project started by Milan-based Lombardini22 and focused on the application of neuroscience to architectural design.

He is founder and director of the postgraduate course NAAD
‘Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design’, at the IUAV University of Venice –http://www.naad-master.com

With Sarah Robinson and Alessandro Gattara, Davide is director and founder of the magazine Intertwining, for Mimesis International. He is also author, with Vittorio Gallese, of Tuned Architecture, and author of The architecture of differences, for TArch Edizioni 2013 Padua.

He has written and edited collections of essays, co-ordinated the editorial board of the magazine Anfione e Zeto, and organised seminars and conferences. He has carried out public and private construction projects and participated in international design competitions.