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Innovation in the future hospital

By SALUS User Experience Team 03 Jul 2024 0

Professor Shafi Ahmed is a world-renowned, multi award-winning surgeon, teacher, futurist, innovator and entrepreneur. He has been dubbed “the virtual surgeon” and uses technology to make healthcare more equitable, accessible and affordable to all.


He is also chief executive and co founder of Medical Realities, a software company based in London that offers medical training products, specialising in virtual reality and augmented reality. The company was formed in 2015 by a team of surgeons, designers, and technologists to address the shortcomings of traditional 2D curricula with cutting-edge immersive teaching and training solutions. It claims to be the world’s largest publisher of 360° video surgeries.

Among its portfolio of projects, Medical Realities worked with Coloplast to help modernise a training course focused around stoma skincare. The software firm transformed traditional learning materials, such as slideshows, video and diagrams, into an XR-focused experience with an interactive virtual instructor created from recordings of Coloplast’s education manager. The interactive experience not only teaches the same material but does so with much higher levels of engagement and clarity of information, says Medical Realities.

In another project, working in collaboration with Clatterbridge Cancer Center, the company built a VR gamified experience focused around the prevention and identification of sepsis within a cancer trust setting. The solution allows remote multi-user training, making it possible to train with other people and producing a fun, interactive experience. Trainees learn how to use sepsis screening tools similar to those used in both public and private UK healthcare settings. Medical Realities says it is currently working to enhance this solution with advances in AI conversational technology, to allow delegates to train in the key conversations involved in this critical screening procedure and ensure high-quality patient outcomes.

According to the company, in recognition of the power of its training content, the Medical Realities platform has been accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons.

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