Who we are

The SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange leadership team and staff possess considerable experience of multiple markets across the commercial, non profit, government, public sector and media and communications sectors. We believe in being accessible to community at all times and you are welcome to contact us either through our personal profiles within the SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, by e-mail or through the Contact Us form on the Exchange.

Dr Liz Paslawsky

Consultant advisor and associate

Dr Liz Paslawsky is an accomplished CEO in healthcare, having held CEO/senior executive positions in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Outcomes have been achieved in a diversity of industries including: international strategy; leading and merging hospitals and health services; capital infrastructure service redesign/transformation; leading public private partnerships; institutional banking mergers and acquisitions; and commercialisation of biotechnology. A key skillset is in leading strategy for transformational change from its conception through implementation to achieving required outcomes. Liz has applied her ability to translate concepts from one sector and country to another, assisting many global companies introduce new models of service delivery to accommodate the changing global environment. This includes Bupa, Healthways in the USA, and International SOS based in London. Liz has 10 years’ experience as a CEO of public hospital groups, leading major financial P&L turnaround strategies, major infrastructure developments, and twice leading hospital operational mergers. Liz is a bridge builder and is often called to be lead negotiator in disputes between the public and private sector. She sees support for staff to fulfil their highest potential as the key to business success and transformational change. Her passion is holistic healthcare: treating the person not just the disease.

Marc Sansom

Director at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

As the founding director of SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, we believe that only through transparent collaboration and partnership can the world come together to solve today's big challenges to improve human and planetary health. SALUS is a global platform for sharing knowledge on how to use the power of design to create a healthier planet and sustain a healthy future for ourselves and our children.

Andrew Sansom

Editor and Knowledge Manager at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

I am Editorial Director and Knowledge Manager at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, writing on issues relating to healthcare design and architecture, health and wellbeing, and sustainability. I also have editorial expertise and experience in occupational health and safety, including workplace health issues.

Laura Clarke

Marketing and Design Communications at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

Laura is an energetic and creative marketing, design communications and events executive with a passion for improving health and sustainable development.

Mark Drane

Lead research advisor and associate

Mark is an independent research advisor and associate of SALUS, leading the research component of a SALUS-led commission to support the development of a new masterplanned community in Canada. He is a design researcher and practitioner working between urban design and public health. With 20 years’ experience in industry having contributed to the delivery of over £2 billion of social infrastructure in this time including healthcare, regeneration, schools, universities, and scientific research. As well as founding Urban Habitats, Mark is a doctoral researcher at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments and a visiting tutor at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Mario Bozzo

Consultant advisor and associate

Mario has spent his career at the forefront of applying technology to solve urban policy and operational challenges, building a high capacity for analysing complex multi-dimensional issues, thriving on ‘first of its kind’/pioneering initiatives, from world-class city and national operations centres, to developing healthy communities, through to delivering for Olympic/Major Events. He is passionate about engendering a relationship-based approach to developing solutions, building trust within a collaborative mindset to achieve results, thinking holistically to find solutions and solve problems with an entrepreneurial foundation, and able to: articulate technical concepts to senior leadership to assist in informed decision-making; fuse technical detail with ‘big-picture’ strategy to tell a more compelling story; understanding the assessments from planners, architects, engineers and technologists to draw out coherence with a view to providing integrated people-centred solutions; and bring unique insights by applying my knowledge from working across the transportation, healthcare, property, urban regeneration, major event and technology sectors throughout North America, the UK and the Middle East.

Jim Benham

Operations and Marketing at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

I am an experienced senior marketing professsional who enjoys learning and building my own knowledge to help others and put my energies, imagination and creativity to good use. I take substantial pleasure in working alongside the SALUS team knowing that I’m contributing towards improving human and planetary health by design.