SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

SALUS is an entrepreneurial global media, research, publishing, events and training organisation with a vision to improve human and planetary health.

Our mission is to create, share and disseminate knowledge concerning the relationship between human health and the natural, built and social environment with a focus on SALUS (Science, Architecture, Lifestyle, Urbanism, Sustainability).

We believe that the two great challenges of our age – the need to maintain and improve human health in the face of ageing populations and an epidemic of chronic disease and addressing climate change through a more sustainable management of the earth’s finite resources – are inextricably linked. Healthy people require a healthy planet.

In today’s global knowledge society, with all of the opportunities science and technology has presented to share ideas through interdisciplinary collaborations, the solutions to this huge human and planetary health crisis lie within our grasp.

SALUS aims to build interdisciplinary professional communities and networks that will facilitate collaborations through a range of media, publishing, events and training activities that promote the application and interaction of art, science, research, culture and innovation.

Amongst many activities, the SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange is the owner of a new and exciting social media platform scheduled for private beta phase launch in August 2016 and the organiser of the annual European Healthcare Design Congress & Exhibition, held at the Royal College of Physicians in London. SALUS also organises short courses and study tours in the field of healthcare design in the UK, for both government and private sector organisations.
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