Prof Noemi Bitterman

Prof. Noemi Bitterman is the founder and chair of Masters in Industrial Design with focus on medical and social design at the Technion, Israel. Her academic credentials include a PhD in Medical Sciences and MSc in Industrial Design, including a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

She was the chair of industrial design at the Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning, Haifa for 13 years until October 2016, and before that she served as the director of the Hyperbaric Research Unit of the Israeli Naval Hyperbaric Institute (INHI), leading applied and basic research on performance at extreme environments. Currently, she is also a visiting professor at the University of Venice IUAV, Italy teaching studios on design for emergencies and disaster.

Noemi's research interests include hospital design, the operating room of the future, portable hospitals for disaster, Health Smart Home, and gardens for wellness.

She is developing concepts of a personalised (tailored) design, using innovative technologies for the use of elderly, disabled and both genders, and physiological objective (quantitative) methods for design and assessment of environments and equipment.